The Gap

Watching the sunset from Harrington Grove hill!

I wrote the poem below many years ago, titled The Gap. Fast forward to 2019/2020; all it has taken is one virus, to turn the world on it’s axis! And rather than bringing a sense of oneness and unity as mankind – it’s every man for himself.

Families torn apart, so many people left out in isolation, victims dying alone in cold hospital or makeshift wards, discrimination against suspects, unemployment, anxiety, mental health issues, homelessness, the blame game is on and so forth.

How cruel is fate! How unfair the hand life has dealt mankind! And even though the pandemic is same globally, how far and wide the gaping hole has become!

I must admit though that it has not all been doom and gloom. There’s stories of kindness and love, of mother earth being rejuvenated. And one thing I know for certain is that this in itself presents a chance to reduce the Gap. For mankind to bow down in humiliation and pray in earnest to God – not just believers, but ALL of mankind.

Although social distancing and lock down laws make it difficult to reach out and help others, pray we look beyond those limitations and let someone know that they are not alone and that we are all in this together. God bless us all 🙏❤

“We fear the gap often peached about of life after,
The gap that separates good from evil,
Sin & death, from good deeds & eternal life,
Heaven from hell!

In our daily lives we try our best to live lives,
That will ensure we cross over to the right side, the good side, in the after life.
We may not have it right at all times,
We fail time & again in our quest, yet we know & keep on trying.

Maybe that’s where we are wrong!
Maybe Jesus was referring to the gaping hole, that now exists in this world today!
The gap between haves & have-nots!
The rich vs poor! Black vs white! Young vs old! Racial, political, religious & ethnic discrimination! List is endless!

Maybe, I don’t know! As no one can ever claim they understand God!
All I know now is that if I fail miserably in this life to help reduce this real life gap, how can I ever truly claim my place on the good side in the life after?”