The Bubumoon – day 3, Europe Escape, 30.10.3019

Bored yet?! I won’t hold it against you, if you are πŸ™‚; I get carried away most times. Anyway, on the tour, we didn’t have time to be bored, lazy, tired, sick, you name it – we were on the GO! Adrenaline? Probably πŸ€”πŸ˜… because inspite of the late night, we were up, bright and early ready for day 3. We dressed up, packed and then took our luggage down to the lobby before joinging the others for breakfast!

And if you thought London to Paris was a long road trip, this next one we were about to embark on, was an even longer one. I was looking forward to this trip because we were off to Switzerland!

I mean, Switzerland!! Ohhh my God! Another tick on the bucket list, for someone who has watched or read at least one or all of the Bond, Bourne or Johnny English movies/books not forgetting Dan Brown’s books, and knows just how beautiful Switzerland is, with it’s snow-peaked mountains, picture perfect chalets! I could go on and on πŸ™‚… the thing is, everything you see, read, hear or dream of about Switzerland is true, plus more.

So at 7.30am, it was au revoir France and grΓΌezi Switzerland ❀ The 2nd leg of europe escape, along scenic drives to Wildersvil in the Swiss Alps commenced. At 10am we stopped for a short break at a service centre in Venoy. Then continued on our journey; as we drove further away from Paris, we noticed the weather changing – in some places on the highway there was thick fog, so much that we couldn’t see the places we were driving through.

At midday we stopped for  lunch & a bit of sightseeing in this lovely, cobbled street French town called Beaune. Everywhere you go in Europe, you will come across cobble stone pavements, roads etc – just amazing. Also in Europe – make sure you keep spare change/ coins in your bags to pay for use of toilets 🀭 Anyway we had lunch, bought some wine and souvenirs before heading back to the coach for the next leg.

30.10.2019 – wine tasting πŸ™‚
30.10.2019 – Beaune

We stopped for a half hour rest in Pontalier at about 3.45pm. Then hit the road again for the final stretch. We arrived in Wildersvil at about 6.45pm – it was dark, but we could already smell the crisp fresh mountain air! It was soo good. We checked into our accommodation for the next two nights – the hotel we stayed at is called Alpenrose Hotel and Gardens. It shares the same owners as the tour company we were travelling with, so their friendly staff were expecting us.

It is an old Swiss chalet converted to a bed and breakfast, and didn’t have elevators; which was the only downside – as it’s a few levels high – and that posed an inconvenience for some! Luckily we were assigned to one of two ground floor rooms πŸ™‚. Although it looked old from the outside, it just had this homely feeling about it once you step into it – I loved it! Dinner was lovely too! Iamo and I went to bed early – totally knackered, our day 3 done!

30.10.2019 – the travelling bible, Hotel Alpenrose, Wildersvil
30.10.2019 – dessert, Hotel Alpenrose

β€œIf everyone looks after themselves, everyone is looked after.” ~ Swiss Proverb ~

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