How to hear from God

I wrote this many years ago, July 24, 2014 to be more specific 😊

Wish I knew the answers to “how to hear from God” but I don’t. It’s the title of a book that a lady was reading on the train that day and it caught my eyes. The author is Joyce Meyers – it must be an interesting book. And of course it had me thinking:

Hearing God

I hear God in the chirping birds

I hear God in the pitter patter of rain

I hear God in the sound of cars driving by

I hear God in our neighbors crying baby

I hear God in the rumbling of the train engine & creaking of the carriages

I hear God in the rustling of the newspaper as the reader turns the pages

I hear God in the mumbled voices of people talking in the train or the snoring of the commuter towards the other end of the carriage

When we take time to stop & listen

To appreciate & accept

To acknowledge & respect

All the differences around us

Then & only then

Can we really hear from God

Otherwise all that & more as God talks to us will be just noise.


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