Day 2 in London

As a new day begins, I cannot believe that I’ve woken up 16,983 kms away from home. In a city, that’s is historical as time itself. I’m so happy to be here with my husband, and we both wish our four children were here with us to share in this special journey. We miss them so and are forever grateful to God for blessing us with them as well as our unborn grandchild and her mother ❤🙏

I know for sure, the God who created us, the heavens and skies, earth and all that is in it – has each and everyone of us, them over there and us here, in His loving embrace.

Two of the pictures are from our 1st day here in London – Downing St, Whitehall and the entrance to The Mall and the 3rd one is from the Skycam of the A380 we flew on from Sydney to Singapore.

Finally here is another poem I wrote on June 26, 2012 about “the dawn of a new day”:


The clock rhymes


Raindrops on the roof

Letting me know

There is an Awesome God

Who lets the rain fall

The sun to shine

Who while we slumber

Works around the clock

To bless His children

With a whole new day

Dawn breaks

Signaling a new day

Leaves rustling

Birds chirping

Sun streaming through

Life anew

To have another go

At living & dreaming

At discovering

Life’s purpose

According to

His divine plan


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