Heal the world, this is our prayer 🙏

#healtheworld🙏❤ #prayfortheworld #prayforworldleaders

Travelling to London and back was my first ever exposure to long haul international flights. How did I pass the time? Well what are the options? It’s not a very long list as some seasoned international travellers will attest too.

Looking at the flight plan and trying to figure out where we were flying over, was one of my favorite things – second only to watching movies, of course – to keep busy and pass the time.

Image of flight plan, 25.10.19: SIN-LHR

The first image, I took, shortly after we took off from Singapore (SIN) for London (LHR). I love this picture and many other similar ones that I took, because it shows that as one part of the world is waking up, the other side is falling asleep. As one side of the world experiences sunrise – the other side of the world experiences sunset. We are all experiencing the same sun, howeverwhat it means to each of us, just depends on which side of the world we’re in. Perspective! How beautiful is that!

Image of flight plan, above LHR as we circled, 26.10.19

The second image, I took, after the umpteenth time we circled above London, due to heavy air traffic. By that time, I was praying earnestly, chanting the Lord’s prayer over and over again. Praying for safe landing, for our kids back home in Oran Park, for the pilots and their crew, for friends, for extended family back home and so on.

Fear is unpleasant, it makes you do so many things. Most importantly it makes us loss sight of God! That there is a divine power, seated high above all else, remains unseen to this day, whose powerful hands have held the universe we live in, from the beginning of time. No science can ever prove or disprove God. He is present 🙏

Perspective! Doesn’t matter which side we’re on, God is there. I’ve shared these two images because they help me appreciate the omnipresence of God. Key word appreciate, because as the bible teaches us, no one can ever fully understand God! They remind me to not let fear get in the way of living a prayerful life – fear, mainly of the unknown.

Like today, as the fear of corona virus spreads across the globe – fear is also growing. Just as the bushfires burned earnestly, fear grew. And as it grew or grows now, so our faith in God dwindles Non believers multiply and their taunts increase “where is your God, now huh?”

Pray in earnest we must, knowing and believing that in the midst of all these chaos, God has a way out for all of us – because believer or not, He has us ALL in the power of His embrace 🙏❤

Pray for our leaders, just like the pilots in a plane, we have chosen them to lead us through thick and thin. And in these trying times, we need world leaders who will make wise decisions.

Pray for all the victims of deadly viruses and of natural and man made disasters, of poverty and discrimation of all sorts, the world over.

Pray for healing and peace the world🙏

Job 28:28 (NIV)

28 And he said to the human race,
“The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom,
and to shun evil is understanding.”

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