What have we done?

Oh dear Heavenly Father, what has mankind done in this day and age to offend you?

In our quest to reach beyond the skies, the deep blue seas or below the earth’s crust – we have forgotten our creator! Instead mere mortal men, is attempting to uncover the essence of you, oh God. Forgive us!

In our quest to be rich and famous, we have trodden over and stampeded on poor helpless souls. Forgive us, oh Lord!

In the busyness of our daily lives, we have forgotten to reach out to the poor, the weak, the lonely, the sick and so on, forgive us, oh God!

In our daily ignorance fuelled by our prejudices based on race, color, religion, gender and so many more – we have failed to love all and to share the good news, that is your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Forgive us, dear God!

And in our quest to over power and overrule each other, we have pilfered off mother earth, destroyed it’s flora and fauna, rather than care for it. Forgive us, Heavenly Father!

Hear the voices of your people crying out in fear and uncertainty, in hopelessness as we do not understand what the future holds for us.

Forgive us oh God, and Grant us true strength and courage that comes from you alone, to get us through these trying times.

Pour out your peace – that passes all understanding – upon us, to enable us to accept what comes may, Heavenly Father. We pray and ask for all these in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who taught us to pray:

I found this on Google Images from http://www.amazon.co.uk

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