There was a little girl

Sinagu lalokau, Vabu Vavia ❤ left, mum as a teenager; right, portrait of mum from 2016

I wrote this a few years ago for Mother’s Day. I’d like to share a story of growing up a motuan woman, of perseverance and of faith in God. It’s an abridged version of a story that inspires my life. I call it ‘there was a little girl’ ❤🙏 #motherdearest🙏❤ #sinagulalokau🙏❤ #blessings🙏❤

There was a little girl
The firstborn in her immediate family!
And in her extended family as well!
She loved being firstborn.
It meant she looked out for everyone

The little girl grew up
To be smart and intelligent
One of the few girls selected
To continue on to high school
In the blue mountains of Sogeri

Alas! She finds out she can’t continue!
Her parents have passed on
She has to stay back and help!
Help raise her siblings
All her dreams to learn more – no more!

Young & literate motuan woman now
Raised well & taught to raise her own
She awaits the inevitable
An arranged marriage!
To whom she knows not!!

Like the good motuan woman she is
She knows & accepts she has no choice.
She questions her grandma
Why? Why do I have to marry him?
I don’t even know him.

Her grandmother tells her
You will marry this young man!
He will become a pastor
My granddaughter
You are destined to be good pastor’s wife

And so the little girl
With hopes of being a teacher
Raised to look after a family
Became a pastor’s wife
Following & supporting her husband everywhere he went.

Apart from raising her own
She found her calling in
Nurturing communities and churches
Teaching, serving, caring and loving all
Her utmost favourite was being mother to many, not just her own!

There was a little girl
Raised to be a motuan mother
Who became a servant of God
Most importantly, whom my siblings & I
Lovingly call ‘Iaia’ or Mother Dearest! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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