My happy place!

The rose garden in Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney 🌹

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Everyone has one or a thousand happy places. I do too, and the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney is one such place.

But that’s not it – my happy place is behind my camera lens (be it mobile phone or a Nikon, doesn’t matter) and just clicking away. Every snapshot is unique, precious and cannot be recreated, hence my happy place 📸❤

Blending in with the flora & fauna at the Botanical Gardens 🌹🌺

Following photos are from today, 25.03.2021 – lunch time, and one single one taken from the bus in the morning.

So if you see me, don’t be shy and say cheese 😁 Otherwise if you don’t want to be included in my world of memories, duck or move away quickly 😅🙂


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