Daddy’s girl

I wrote this poem the other day, after witnessing heartbreaking loss, which took me back to when my own dad passed away, over 13 years ago. And as I reflected on life after my dad’s passing, I realised that nothing in this world can ever prepare you for the loss of loved ones, let alone your parents.

Life teaches you everything except that hardest part of letting loved ones go. Infact, I realise now that we aren’t meant to let go – I don’t think so, anyway. Others may think or feel otherwise. As much as we hurt, we must also hold on to the memories and cherish each one, as part of our grieving and moving on process. And we must thrive on those memories!

One of the many memories I have of dad, is that he knew education is vital for everyone, and most especially for females, especially coming from a society where females were seen to belong at home, in the kitchen, gardens, to look after family, bear children and so forth. And he made sure I had the best education!

I am a daddy’s girl, I must admit! I was spoilt rotten and got away with a lot of things – my siblings, all seven of them can most definitely attest to that 😅 Although, I was dethroned when my children came along ❤

Like all other grandchildren, they brought dad and mum so much joy, I can remember. And now, even though he’s gone physically, he remains in our hearts forever! And I will always be my daddy’s girl.

Daddy’s girl

They say she’s a brat
Spoiled rotten by her daddy
Oh no! Let me tell you
Tell you otherwise

She’s loved
Loved whole heartedly
Loved unconditionally
Loved by her daddy

They say in his eyes
She can do no wrong
They don’t know
He’s her greatest critic

He taught her
To love wholeheartedly
To love unconditionally
To love like he loves her

He’s her first love
He’s her first hero
He’s her forever best friend
He’s her daddy always

He taught her all he knows
About living life to the fullest
Yet one thing he never taught her
How to let him go when the time comes

Because deep down
In both their hearts
No matter time or distance
She will always remain
Daddy’s girl ❤

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