What if?!

I wrote this back in 2015 to farewell a loved one. Looking back it seems August of every year, we receive news that someone we know or their loved one has passed on.

And this August is no different, as overnight we hear of the passing of an inlaw. Oh how I lament the loss of another family member, the sorrow and pain his loved ones are going through ☹💔

Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

What if?

What if we could all live forever?

What if there was no death?

What if death could give us a choice?

What if loved ones who have passed on were here in our place instead?

What if we spend more time caring for each other?

What if we spend more time sharing with each other?

What if we spend more time loving each other?

What if the sun sets at dawn and rises at dusk?

The point is:

No amount of ‘what ifs’ of this world or the next can ever make the sun set at dawn or rise at dusk.

No amount of what if wishing will ever bring back our loved ones. Nor enable us to defy the inevitability of death.

Where there is life there is death.

All we have is the hand that life deals us and in the end we are left with memories to cherish.

And a greater sense of empathy to care, share with & love each other more as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

One thing for sure and there’s no ‘what if’ about it, where our own limited knowledge & understanding ends, God’s saving grace is infinite, His mercy knows no limits and is free for all. Keep the faith always ❤🙏

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